Desk workouts


montyLike thousands of other people in the UK, I spend hours sitting at a desk. Some days a a trip to the kitchen (20 steps away) is the most exercise I’ll get until clock off time.

Sparked off by alarming obesity rates which suggest around six out of ten people in the UK are either overweight or obese, government guidelines have urged the country’s sedentary workforce to start exercising at the office.

Recommendations include standing up to make that important phone call, using the stairs not the lift and taking a stroll to your colleague’s workstation to discuss an issue, rather than sending an email.

I don’t have any colleagues to spur me on at home. But I do have Monty so maybe I just need to walk him more?

In an ideal world, we’d all be regularly leaping from our seats for a quick burst of press-ups or practicing dynamic Zumba moves in the loo. But in reality, those of us that do a daily desk job are simply too busy to nip out for a quick boot camp session.

But what if you could tone up and slim down, all without leaving the safe haven of your desk chair? According to leading personal trainer, Kevin Dobson, it is possible to do just that.

Kevin, who’s trained professional athletes and premiership football players, points out that any exercise is better than no exercise. And the most effective desk –based exercises don’t involve any special kit or clever gadgets.   In fact, no one will even know that you’re doing them.

Repeat these exercises 10 times to create your super-circuit. Repeat the full circuit three times every day.

I’m starting tomorrow.

The Buttock Clench

Both feet flat on the floor, contract your buttocks, hold for ten seconds then release.

The Hamstring Stretcher

Both feet flat on the floor, contract your hamstrings (the muscle at the back of each thigh). Hold for ten, then release.

The Thigh Toner

Stretch both legs out in front and contract the quad muscles (down the front of each thigh) for ten seconds, then release. As you clench, your knee should sink slightly as the legs straighten.

The Calf Lengthener

Stretch both legs out in front. Point both toes like a ballet dancer and then slowly bring them back up – toes pointing at the ceiling – towards your knees.

The Shoulder Stretch (great for posture too)

Sit up straight in your chair, relax your neck and shoulders, then squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold for ten.

The Chest Stretch & Back Toner

Sit up tall in your chair, keeping both arms down at the side, palms facing the thighs. Making sure your shoulders are relaxed, rotate your wrists anti-clockwise so that your palms are facing outwards and repeat ten times.

The Tummy Buster

Sit up tall, pull your tummy button in towards your spine, without moving any other part of your body. Hold for ten. Women should contract the pelvic floor muscles at the same time.

Check out Kevin’s website here

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