So this is Monty

He’s perched in the spare chair I keep next to my desk at the moment. When I’m at work, he spends the lost hours sprawled on the purple sofa in the kitchen. But I’m working at home today, so he’s up close, keeping me company, one beady eye peeled for stray biscuit crumbs.

Monty is a Wire Haired Fox Terrier with his own Instagram feed @Mr_montydog But he really isn’t racking up enough followers. I feel bad but we’re just too busy doing stuff and always forget to stop for the shot. Monty does most things fast, so you reach for the phone and it’s all over.

He likes walks like ordinary dogs and communicates like extraordinary dogs. He loves sitting upright in chairs, licking plates, lying on beds and stealing whatever you happen to be eating. He’s a mean swimmer, a fast runner and he looks like a fluffy teddy.

He always comes when he’s called and let’s you paint his nails What’s not to love? Everything apart from the breath.

I got him eleven years ago, when my girl was just 18 months old. He chewed his way around the house and into my affections and has kept guard over us ever since. When I got divorced, he stepped in immediately offering comfort in his quiet, furry kind of way, joining me on therapeutic runs across the fields and through the woods. He’s a living breathing stress ball on legs

Jo thinks I’m obsessed.