Living with a Makeup Tween

What do you do when your girl can nail a makeup look better than you can? Mine can do just that, and then some. And she’s only twelve.

A beauty writer and lover of all things cosmetic, you’d think I’d be a dab hand at contouring and have fully mastered the flawless eye flick by now. But despite having tested and tried out hundreds of different shadows, creams, pencils and blush in my time, I’m still only slightly better than totally rubbish.

While I’m a dab hand at talking about make up, I can’t actually do it very well. Truth is I don’t have enough time or patience for makeup mastery. And parking myself in front of a computer to learn from online authorities doesn’t appeal much. Ideally I’d have my own make up artist on hand. I have a good friend who’s a brilliant one and I saw her just a couple of nights ago dropping by a well known ex-supermodel local to us. She often gets asked to pop round to touch up the said celeb’s makeup. I wish she’d do mine. Maybe I’ll ask.

Yet truthfully I’m really only a tinted moisturiser and mascara kind of girl, unless I’m off somewhere special. So for the time being, I’m going to leave the super-polished A-List looks to my girl.  She’s fast becoming one of that new generation of makeup ‘tweens’ who need to be perfectly preened at all times. Indeed, it might surprise you to learn (or not) a recent study commissioned by skincare brand Simple, found that over half of 12-14 year-olds wear make up most days and 17 per cent actually refuse to leave home without it. So obsessed are they, it seems, 45 per cent even take time out for emergency touch ups throughout the day. Imagine being bothered to do that?

My girl’s obsession with gloss and glamour hasn’t quite reached that level. Yet. But she’s already spending every spare penny of pocket money on sparkly highlighters and the latest brow kits. Maybe being my personal makeup artist should become one of her household ‘chores’? I think she might be up for it. Beats emptying the dishwasher.


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