Mattress revolution

We’re all supposed to change our mattress every eight years, apparently. Ours was a veritable geriatric, aged 17, so it was time to put it into retirement and get a bouncy new one. But it’s a mattress jungle out there. We soon discovered a brand new world of pocket springs, wool fillings, memory foam and keep-cool gel, with literally hundreds of variations to decipher. It’s enough to send you to sleep. Except we couldn’t sleep. The old mattress was a goner, flattened into a paper thin mattress-shaped lump with a big dip in the middle.  A swift shop was vital.

There’s a bit of a mattress revolution happening online. The squashy platform on which we sleep has suddenly got a bit trendy. It started with Simba, the ‘most advanced mattress in the world’ (a full five luxurious layers we’re told). Now Eve and Otty have joined the sleepover party, all offering cool online ads and an 100 day sleep trial.

And that’s before you’ve even made it down to John Lewis and Dreams.

We headed over to both to try our some mattress styles and left none the wiser. Unless you have a solid preference for firm or soft, they all start to feel the same. And all that lying down? Fortunately Dreams serve coffee to potential customers, which kept us awake.

Finally we took a gamble at who I’d wholeheartedly recommend for swift delivery and a decent returns policy.  They’re cheap too. Our super-sprung, extra deep, memory gel masterpiece was £300 cheaper there than the RRP.

Good job too, we’ve just splashed out on the most decadent velvet bed in the universe (well, maybe not, but it feels like it). Miles of SuperKing velvet loveliness from Loaf in Bumble Bee yellow. It’s so fabulous I could stay in bed all day. Jo and Monty love it too. I think. It’s so huge we hardly run into each other.


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  1. Dont forget Mio Mattress in the UK, and Simba and OnPurple! The world is becoming one over sized mattress sale!

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