Testing the Makeup Eraser

makeuperaserCan a fluffy pink face cloth really remove a full day’s worth of make up with just a splash of  water?  I was about to test the revolutionary Makeup Eraser and find out.

Despite being brought up on a strict face-washing regime of white soap and water, I rarely go anywhere without my heavy duty make up remover and a generous supply of cotton pads these days. So even if a vigorous scrub with this pink polyester flannel somehow managed to mop up my stay-put-long-wear foundation, there was no way it was going to shift my bomb-proof waterproof mascara, was it? Except it did.

Created in the US two years ago, Makeup Eraser celebrated selling its millionth pack, not long ago, with an increasing number of women worldwide swapping their pricey removers and cleansers for this innocuous pink face cloth. You can now pick one up at retail giants including Boots, Amazon and QVC and it’s also currently in stock at super trendy beauty emporium, Sephora.com. The science behind it as simple as it looks. Specially knitted polyester silk fibre, finer than human hair, breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond make up products to the skin, allowing quick removal with a gentle rub and some warm water.

MakeUp Eraser is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and blemish prone and its makers – three generations of women from the same family – point out that its gentle cleansing process not only removes make up quickly, it promotes healthy skin in the process because unlike many chemical-based make up removers, it won’t upset the natural pH balance of your skin. You’re only applying water after all. With more of us ditching man made chemicals in favour of more natural complexion enhancing ingredients, it’s easy to see the appeal.

The reverse side of the cloth has longer fibres designed to gently exfoliate and cleanse pores, so you might want to ditch your face scrub too? Environmentalists will celebrate the fact that it contains none of the nasty plastic microbeads that are steadily clogging up the world’s sewage systems and polluting our oceans. And value seekers will love the concept too, as each £15 cloth (got mine from FeelUnique) is machine washable up to 1000 times. That’s fast, clean, chemical-free make-up removal at just 1.5p a pop.

As instructed I washed the cloth on a cool cycle first, then reached for my make up kit and spent the next 20 minutes creating the kind of heavy duty, ultra glamorous look that could make Kim Kardashian feel bare-faced in comparison. Applying primer, foundation, highlighter and blush, I sealed my base with powder before filling in my eyebrows and adding smoky eye shadow and waterproof mascara, finishing off with a heavy-duty high-gloss liquid lipstick.

I was convinced I’d set Makeup Eraser up for failure as I drenched it in warm water and let it loose. Incredibly it appeared lap up the layers of colour with relative ease and although my new thick, black waterproof mascara required some vigorous rubbing, it eventually defeated that too, leaving thick streaks of black smeared across its candy pink fibres as proof. Job done (the whole process took two or three minutes from start to finish) I gave my tingling face a final once over with cotton pads soaked in my regular, premium price liquid cleanser and aside from the faintest smudge of black on one, they came back squeaky clean. The delicate skin around my eyes did look quite red after all the scrubbing, which for me was the only slight drawback.

Overall, I’m a total convert to the cloth. It’s not only really works (if you don’t believe me, read some of the raving reviews online) it’s also a handy way to save some money. I definitely won’t be topping up my make up remover anytime soon. My new low cost, all-natural, ocean-friendly regime has left me feeling clean, fresh-faced, virtuous and altogether rather smug.


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  1. What is this magic?! I must try! xoxo


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