Bee stung


Can a bee sting hold the key to eternal youth? By triggering a mild antiflammatory response research suggests that bee venom (scientific name apitoxin) has the effect of spurring the body into producing collagen, one of the building blocks for supple, youthful skin.

In basic terms, your skin thinks it been stung, which causes the  body to direct more blood to the area. This action stimulates the production of collagen and strengthens tissue and elastin, which helps the skin to remain plump and youthful.

Rumour has it the Duchess of Cambridge is just one of a growing number of A-Listers who check in for regular bee venom facials with celebrity facialist, Deborah Mitchell. But unless you’re royalty, it might be hard to justify the £352 price tag for a 60ml pot of Mitchell’s top-of-the-range Gold Bee Venom Mask.

For the less well-heeled, cosmeceutical skincare brand, Skin Doctors, has formulated Beelift, a new ‘budget bee venom’ alternative (also available at Amazon). And they’ve added Manuka Honey and Trylagen into the mix. A powerful blend of active peptides and proteins harvested in the Antarctic, Trylagen apparently performed rather impressively in clinical tests, increasing the density of skin collagen by 300% in just seven days.

In case you’re wondering whether any bees are harmed in the process, they’re not. And if you’re wondering whether it actually works, I’d say, yes. I certainly liked the way it felt on my 40-something skin which looked brighter and more plumped after a week’s use. A work friend  also showed me a before and after pic of her mum, which demonstrated a pretty impressive complexion boost and far fewer nasty fine lines.

She’s an instant convert.

Skin Doctors Beelift £38.00/50ml

I’ve almost finished mine…

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