Lush lashes


Once upon a time I was addicted to eyelash extensions. In the same way that a toddler can’t give up its dummy, and addicts long for their chemical high, I had to have them. They were the best part of my makeup day.

It didn’t matter how tired I was, how bedraggled or glow-less I felt, my long curled lashes saved the day. No need for mascara, hardly any grooming required and everyone commented on them. In those days, they weren’t the norm either.  So people assumed they were my own. I promised myself I’d tell the truth, if asked. But nobody ever did. They just coveted them and longed to have lashes as luscious.

Then Lula wanted to do extra ballet and George needed new football kit. Child maintenance contributions from the ex dropped from a princely £30 a week to £7. And I had a quiet couple of months.  The lashes had to go.

I cancelled by tri-weekly infill appointment and then the next one. And soon they were gone. It was bad enough that I’d lost the long doe-like flutter I’d adored but what was left was pitiful. My own lashes were sparse, straight and downright sad. I aged 10 years and felt 100. I was bereft.

In desperation and despair, I layered on masses of thick, fibrous mascara to try and plump them up and boost them back to their former synthetic glory. But nothing worked.

Then I discovered LVL. If you haven’t tried it, you should.  At around £45 –  a fraction of the running costs of falsies, LVL is like a power-perm for your eyelashes. I had mine done at Sunrise Health & Beauty in Marlow (equally marvellous if you’re ever in that neck of the woods) and it’s cheered me up no end.

True, the effect is not quite as dramatic as my former fake set, but I now have a pair of longer, lifted eyelashes that no longer require the thick, gloppy mascara I’ve been pasting on daily. Lifted at the roots, they appear longer and a subtle upwards curl accentuates my eye shape.  They’re tinted too and should stay this way for up to eight weeks.

But best of all, they’re natural.

They provide the perfect beauty fix for holidays (instant glamour by the beach and pool) and have made me feel significantly less like the tired, overworked, sole parent, miracle worker, freelancer that I am.

If you need a lift, get a lift. It’s the finest quick fix I’ve had in a while.


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